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Foster Care

Children and youth, between infancy and 18 years of age, can receive care in homes with foster families supervised by the Children’s Home. The foster home gives the intimate setting of a family, while training, staff supervision and a supportive community of other foster families help to undergird the foster family. A per diem is paid to the foster family.


Homes are needed for a racially and ethnically diverse population of children and youth, and particularly for the following types of children:

  • medically fragile children of all ages
  • sibling groups of two children or more (of all ages)
  • teenagers

Most of the children will have developmental, emotional and/or educational delays. In addition, the Children’s Home offers a Foster-to-Adopt program for those families who wish to pursue foster care in order to eventually adopt.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent or family, contact Denise Peacock.

For DFCS or private placement of foster children, call 404.327.5863. For placement after business hours, call 404.518.5637.

adoptive-familyAdoption Services

UMCH’s Adoption service is designed to help children in the foster care system find permanent homes. Staff can help UMCH foster families who desire to adopt the children in their care by writing a conversion study to approve their homes for adoption. This study can generally be completed within 45 days from the time a child becomes free for adoption and the foster family completes all necessary paperwork.

If you are interested in the requirements to become an adoptive parent, contact Denise Peacock.

ILP student gets a hug from staffIndependent Living

Independent Living is a program for youth in the foster care system who are at least 17 years of age and are ready for a decreased level of supervision as they prepare for independence. UMCH staff provide 24-hour support to the youth, who are housed in studio-style apartments on the campus. Staff also:

  • teach youth to maintain skills of daily living
  • support and guide youth in obtaining educational, vocational and employment opportunities
  • assist youth in obtaining medical services and securing mental health services as needed

For further information on Independent Living, contact Mary Pittman.

A student learns to cookTransitional Living

Transitional Living allows young adults who are at least 18 years old to live in the outside community in their own homes, while continuing to participate in a structured program that teaches and supports the continued development of essential life skills. UMCH staff:

  • assist the youth in securing appropriate, single-occupant housing
  • assist the youth in paying all monthly expenses
  • conduct visits in the home
  • have daily contact with the youth and emergency contact as needed
  • provide support and guidance for the youth in obtaining educational, vocational and employment opportunities
  • assist the youth in obtaining medical services and securing mental health services as needed
  • monitor the youth’s savings and expenditures to teach and ensure budgeting skills
  • assist parenting youth in working on their DFCS case plan toward reunification and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for their children

For more information regarding Transitional Living, contact Mary Pittman.

A UMCH high school graduateHigher Education Assistance

Higher Education Assistance is available to young people who have been a part of UMCH’s Group Care or Foster Care programs. Staff offer guidance in choosing a college, technical school or other form of education after high school, and with the application process and the multitude of forms that must be filled out for monetary assistance. The Children’s Home has funds that students can apply for in order to supplement state and federal grants and work income.

For more information, contact Mary Harris.

Jesse’s House

Jesses House LogoThe mission of the United Methodist Children’s Home is “to provide redemptive, healing services that bring meaningful change to the lives of children and families.” In keeping with that mission, we are reaching out to a new group of children and families who we feel we can help. There are many intact families who struggle to keep their children safe and healthy, due to issues such as financial struggles and lack of resources or opportunities. UMCH is uniquely positioned with our resources, ex­perience and strategically placed district offices to offer care, education and spiritual nourishment to under-served children and families throughout north Georgia.

Therefore, we are excited to announce a new service we are offering to children and families. Jesse’s House opened on May 31 as a summer day camp for grade-school and middle-school children from our Family Housing program. The eight-week summer camp is the latest in our program offerings to under-served children and youth and their families. UMCH staff show these children God’s love as they par­ticipate in one-on-one reading programs, recreation, crafts and Bible study. Jesse’s House has started on our Decatur campus as a pilot program, but we plan to expand this service in the fall to an after-school program on our campus as well, and eventually to extend the program throughout north Georgia, with the help of lo­cal area churches.

How you can help Jesse’s House at the United Methodist Children’s Home:

  • Read one-on-one with children or lead an art class in the morning, or lead an afternoon enrichment activity
  • Provide and share a meal with the interns (Monday or Tuesday evenings)
  • Financially support the program: Support an intern ($2,500); support lunch for camp (one day for $70; one week for $350); support snacks for campers ($35 for one week)
  • Prepare and serve breakfast, lunch or snacks for a week
  • Donate class materials, such as books, art supplies, paper products, sports equipment, etc.

We will have much more to come about this exciting new ministry, so stay tuned! In the meantime, contact Alison Wright with any questions. Be sure to check out the video below to see some of the beautiful faces of those we are serving in Jesse’s House!


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